Election Results – 2nd Half of 2009

Troop Election Results

Let’s first thank the outgoing leadership for their outstanding service. The Troop was under the excellent Leadership of Jordan, supported by Iain and the four Patrol Leaders Andrew, Travis, Chris and Kyle. Thank you all for your support and service to the Troop.
The new leadership will take over at the PLC on 6/01/09.


Senior Patrol Leader – Andrew L.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader – Josh H.
Spartans Patrol Leader – Kyle M.
Spartans Assistant Patrol Leader – Austin S.
Vikings Patrol Leader – James H.
Vikings Assistant Patrol Leader – Rhett H.
Duct Tape Patrol Leader – Spencer H.
Duct Tape Assistant Patrol Leader – Nicholas R.
Tiddly Winks Patrol Leader – Derek V.
Tiddly Winks Assistant Patrol Leader – Scott E.

Patrol Leader’s Council

Librarian: Karlton L.
Scribe: Andrew G.
Historian: JJ M.
Quartermaster: Ryan S.r
Chaplains Aide: Jared H.