We just had elections, here are the new leaders and PLC !


Senior Patrol Leader – Nicholas R.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader – Austin S., Michael T.
Spartans Patrol Leader – Reese E.
Spartans Assistant Patrol Leader – Trevor C.
Vikings Patrol Leader – Hayden K.
Vikings Assistant Patrol Leader – Sheldon H.
Duct Tape Patrol Leader – Jared C.
Duct Tape Assistant Patrol Leader – Matthew C.
Tiddly Winks Patrol Leader –Ryan S.
Tiddly Winks Assistant Patrol Leader – Jonah H.

Patrol Leader’s Council

Librarian: Trevor C.
Scribe: Andris A.
Historian: Kai M.
Quartermaster: Justin S.
Quartermaster: Chris D.
Chaplains Aide: Wesley H.
Den Chief: TBD

First Year Scout Rep: Joshua R.

Webmaster: Sam O.
Leave No Trace Trainer: none
Bugler:  Matthew C.
Order of the Arrow Rep: TBD