January Kiva Koshare Indian Outing

On January 4th, some of our scouts and parents went on the Koshare Indian Kiva Outing. There, we went to Old Bent’s Fort, and toured around, before eating dinner, and going to the Koshare Indian Museum. After looking around, we watched a show in the indoor Indian Kiva with the Koshare Indian Dancers. The Kiva was also where we spent the night before heading back the next day.

IMG_0436 IMG_0435

Court of Honor 12-16-13

IMG_5805 IMG_5804

On Monday, December 16th, Troop 873 had it’s winter Court of Honor. There, the troop recognized rank advancements, merit badges, and other special awards. Aside from this, the troop also had Ryan Schroeder’s Eagle Court of Honor as well. Congratulations to Ryan, and all of the other scouts who were recognized there!

Eagle Scout Scientific Study

Recently, Mr Ostravich sent me a link to an interesting article about scouting. This was a summary of a scientific study about eagle scouts. In the study, they compared qualities that eagle scouts typically have to scouts, and non scouts. It turns out that eagle scouts are more likely to be healthier, smarter, and better citizens than scouts or non scouts. The article also explains how becoming an eagle scout relates to these matters.


If you are interested about this article, here is the link.

Click to access 210-045_WB.pdf

Chatfield Stand – Up Paddleboarding

On the 7th, our troop went to Chatfield State Park for an overnight campout, and a stand up paddle boarding lesson. The troop went to the Chatfield Reservoir for a lesson about paddle boarding, and a few of us stayed at a campsite overnight. Around 30 scouts showed up for lessons, and those that showed up for staying overnight helped with one of the highlights of the trip: Lashing together a troop flag pole. Overall, we had a wonderful time.Image