Camp Alexander

The annual New Scout campout to Camp Alexander was a great success.  The Red Scarves slept in shelters and had an adventurous night hike (which included “rescuing” Fiona and Mr. Turchiano).  The New Scouts learned to cook, clean and use their knives & axes.

Everybody had a great time fishing!


We just had elections, here are the new leaders and PLC !


Senior Patrol Leader – Nicholas R.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader – Austin S., Michael T.
Spartans Patrol Leader – Reese E.
Spartans Assistant Patrol Leader – Trevor C.
Vikings Patrol Leader – Hayden K.
Vikings Assistant Patrol Leader – Sheldon H.
Duct Tape Patrol Leader – Jared C.
Duct Tape Assistant Patrol Leader – Matthew C.
Tiddly Winks Patrol Leader –Ryan S.
Tiddly Winks Assistant Patrol Leader – Jonah H.

Patrol Leader’s Council

Librarian: Trevor C.
Scribe: Andris A.
Historian: Kai M.
Quartermaster: Justin S.
Quartermaster: Chris D.
Chaplains Aide: Wesley H.
Den Chief: TBD

First Year Scout Rep: Joshua R.

Webmaster: Sam O.
Leave No Trace Trainer: none
Bugler:  Matthew C.
Order of the Arrow Rep: TBD