2016 – Leadville Outing – February 26-28, 2016

The 2016 Leadville Ski and Snowboard trip is quickly approaching.

The troop is planning our annual Leadville Outing.  At this outing, we drive to Leadville on Friday and stay at the Leadville Hostel. Cathy is our host at the Hostel. On Saturday, we spend the day skiing at Ski Cooper. Cathy and her crew will  provide meals throughout the weekend. In the past, we’ve consistently had a great day of skiing with plenty of fresh snow. Families are welcome. This is one of our few outings where we don’t get to sleep in a tent.

Keep in mind, all scouts and parents must wear helmets when skiing or snowboarding.

Since we have a limited number of rooms reserved, please register early. The rooms are dorm room style. For examples, check out the Leadville Hostel at http://www.leadvillehostel.com. The Hostel often sells out so please register early. If you need a private room or family room, we will need some extra time to coordinate the private room. The private room will have an additional cost.

Details are below and presented as a FAQ (frequently asked questions).

When is the outing?

The outing is scheduled for Friday February 26 through Sunday February 28. We travel home after a hearty breakfast.

How much does the outing cost?

The outing is $90 which includes lodging at the Leadville Hostel and Meals. This does not include the additional cost for lift tickets or rentals.

Group Discounted Lift tickets at Ski Cooper are $21 for Children under 15 and $36 for adults (15 and over).  This brings the cost for the Hostel, meals, and lift tickets to:

  • Children (age 14 and younger) cost with Lift Ticket = $111
  • Adult (age 15 and over) cost with Lift Ticket = $126

Group Rental prices are as followed:

  • Children (age 14 and younger) Ski or Snow Board rental with Helmet = $26
  • Adult (age 15 and over) Ski or Snow Board rental with Helmet = $33

How do I register?

As always, the troop will record all reservations in YouthManage. Please contact Mr. Boe or Mr. Cordova if you have questions.

How do I pay?

Please pay with a check made out to Troop 873 and give that check to Mr. Boe.

When do you need the payment?

All payments should be made to Troop873 including the Hostel, Meals, Lift Tickets, and Rentals.  Mr. Boe will coordinate payment to the appropriate parties.

Mr. Boe will need your check paid to Troop 873 on February 1st or February 8th.
However, the check will not be cashed until February 29th.

Are meals included?

Yes, except for Friday’s Dinner.  We will have a total of 4 meals including:

  • Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Sunday Breakfast
  • NOTE ABOUT FRIDAY DINNER – Friday dinner will not be provided so please bring a sack dinner.

What about special diets?

If you have allergies or other dietary restrictions, please let Mr. Boe know when you register.

Where will we ski?

We will ski/ride at Ski Cooper. Do not confuse this with Copper Mountain. Your Copper Mountain pass will not work at Ski Cooper.

How much are the lift tickets?

The lift ticket prices are group prices. If you go on your own and purchase them at the mountain, the prices will be higher.

Note that scouts 15 and over are priced as adults.

  • Children (14 and younger) are $21
  • Adults (15 and over) are $36

What about lessons?

I recommend reviewing the Ski Cooper web site and discussing lessons with Mr. Boe.  The Ski Cooper site is at http://skicooper.com/ski-ride-school/

What is the cost for ski or snowboard rentals?

The cost for rental depends on the age.  Again, children are 14 and younger; Adults are 15 and older.

  • Child (up to age 14) Ski/Snowboard Rental with Helmet – $26
  • Adult (age 15+) Ski/Snowboard Rental with Helmet – $33
  • ———————————————————–
  • ** All scouts must wear a helmet for snow sports.
  • ** Skis include skis, boots, poles.
  • ** Snowboard Package includes board and boots.

You cannot reserve the rental, but we’ve never had a problem when renting.

What do I need to provide if my scout is attending?

  • The outing permission form.  MS-Word_Version or PDF-Version
  • A completed medical form.  This should be on file with the troop.
  • A copy of the scout’s insurance card. This should be on file with the troop.
  • A helmet is required.
  • Check made out to Troop 873.
  • Water bottle.  I highly recommend that everyone brings a water bottle.  Hydrate – Hydrate – Hydrate.

Who is driving?

Usually we have enough parents who attend where there isn’t a need for additional drivers.  Coordinating rides is critical for this event so help is appreciated.  Many scouts coordinate their ride with their friends.  Ask your scout because you may have been volunteered.  Although we don’t ski on Sunday, many small groups plan an additional day.  Keep that in mind if you are coordinating a ride.  If you don’t have a ride, let me know.

Will there be reimbursement for gas?

The cost for this outing is $90, plus lift ticket, plus rental.  Although this is a great price for a ski weekend with meals, we try not to increase the cost by reimbursing the drivers.  Usually the drivers are enjoying the ski weekend themselves.

Are there any merit badges or skills associated with this outing?

There is an opportunity to work on the Snow Sports merit badge.

What if I get sick right before the outing?

Since this outing is reservation based, you will be responsible for some of the incurred costs.  Fortunately, the Hostel does not charge for meals and lift tickets if we inform them ahead of time.  However, we will still be charged for the bed at $50 per person for the two nights.  The sooner you can let Mr. Boe or Mr. Cordova know that you are not attending, the better.  Letting the Hostel know about the change is critical.  In addition, we may need to coordinate rides to the Hostel if a driver is unable to attend.

What do I bring to Leadville?

Bring the typical items that you will need for a weekend sleep over.  Clothing – Ski Wear – Ski Gear – Toothbrush – Toothpaste – Shower items (shampoo, soap, towel) – lots of quarters – water bottle.  Cathy asks that we DO NOT bring sleeping bags, blankets, or any other bedding.

What about new scouts crossing over in January/February?

If scouts crossing-over are interested, they are welcome to attend but a parent must also attend.  This is a great opportunity to meet the troop.