Life to Eagle

Life Scouts

Once you earn your advancement to Life Scout, you can begin working towards your Eagle Scout rank. The Eagle Scout rank requires you to work on an Eagle Scout Service Project, earn a total of 21 Merit Badges (including 13 Eagle required Merit Badges), acquire 5 Letters of Recommendations and serve in a leadership position for 6 months as a Life Scout.

Getting Started on Your Project

Keep in mind that your service project must display leadership. Throughout the process, continually think about how the project demonstrates leadership. At this point, you may want to review the available documentation to help you progress to Eagle. The troop has a presentation that provides detail on starting your Eagle Service Project.

Starting Your Eagle Project

The link below will provide you many helpful documents:

Eagle Scout Advancement

Once you have a project idea, discuss your idea with Mr. Borchert, our Life-to-Eagle Mentor. It is critical that you do not start any work on your project. After working with Mr. Borchert, you should have a well thought-out project.

The next step is to prepare your presentation to the Advancement Committee. At this point you should begin using the Eagle Workbook. Below is the link to the fillable workbook. The workbook requires that you use Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later. Other pdf readers will not work.

The link to the workbook is below:

Eagle Scout Project Workbook

Thoroughly read through Section 1 of the workbook. Complete Section 2 of the workbook, the project proposal. Review the rest of the workbook.

Troop Advancement Committee Approval

After you’ve completed Section 2, the Project Proposal, you should let Mr. Borchert and Mr. Braga, our Committee Chair, know and ask for an Advancement Committee review of your proposal. During this proposal presentation, the committee members will provide you with feedback and suggestions on possible changes or other considerations for your proposal.

Unit Leader & Committee Chair Approval

Once the Advancement Committee approves your project, Mr. Page, our Scoutmaster, and Mr. Braga, our Committee Chair will sign your project and you are ready to work with the district. At this point, you still have not started any work on the project.

District Advisor Approval

Now you need to get a District Advisor. You will send an email to Mr. Dan Dineen to request an advisor from the Black Feather District. Mr. Dineen’s email is:

Mr. Dineen will provide you with a District Eagle Advisor. The final step before you can start work on your service project is to present the proposal to the District Eagle Advisor. Once the Eagle Advisor signs your proposal, you can then begin work on the project.

There is one final comment. Working with Mr. Borchert and the Advancement Committee is not a mandatory step. It is highly recommended, but you can go directly to Dan Dineen. The purpose of these extra steps is to help you develop your service project and to save time. Even with District approval, you cannot start until you get Committee Chair approval. You may experience delays to project approval if you go directly to the district first.

Working on the Project

Use your workbook to help in planning and executing your project. You can enlist the help of family, friends and most importantly, other Scouts to assist you with the completion of your Project. Keep extensive notes during the Project as you will need to complete the Project Report upon completion of the Project.

Other Eagle Scout Requirements

As you are closer to completing your Eagle requirements, work with Mr. Borchert to verify your Merit Badges. Bring your Merit Badge sash and all of your Merit Badges cards. We will compare what you have against what is recorded in Scoutbook and what the Council has on record.

Letters of Recommendation

One of the requirements for the Eagle Scout rank is to demonstrate that you live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Scout Law in your daily life. This is demonstrated by individuals who know you personally and write a Letter of Recommendation for you. At least 5 Letters of Recommendations are required. One should be from your parent or guardian; one should be religious based; one should be education based; and the other two can be from anyone. Work with Mr. Borchert or the Advancement Chair to get a form letter to request these recommendations and directions on how they should be returned directly to the Troop Advancement Chair.

Life Scouts awaiting the return of Letters of Recommendation can check the status on Scoutbook. The Troop Advancement Chairs will list the sender’s last name for letters received as an attached note under Eagle Scout requirement #2. If you are expecting LOR’s to have been received, please check in with either of our Advancement Chairs.