Sea Base

Sea Base is a camp in the Florida Keys. It’s living on a boat for a week. Charting your own course and working on the ship. Along the way you do things like snorkel, fish, and most importantly scuba dive. A group of 10 boys and 2 adults are going.

In order to go to scuba sea base we had to get scuba PADI certified. We worked with a company called Planet Scuba, which is out of Castle Rock. The first part of getting certified is to do some pool sessions.

The second part of scuba certification is to do an open water dive, and practice your skills. For this part we went to Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.  We also dove at Perch Lake, where we got to sit on a plane that was under water and see a Volkswagen Jetta that was also under water.

Lastly, since we are Boy Scouts we camped out in Santa Rosa State Lake Park. This was about 10 minutes from Blue Hole.

Some scouts needed to finish their requirements for the Open Water diver certification so we went back in January 2011 to complete the requirements. One scout had already certified and just went back to dive with the group.  Those photos have been added to this gallery too.